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An online portal analysing and comparing FICA documents, performing enhanced screening and risk rating all in minutes.

Never waste time on data capture, human errors and admin again.

DocFox is trusted by banks, asset managers, financial service providers and more all around the world.

Document Collection & Analysis
Seamlessly Executed

DocFox analyses customer documents, extracts relevant fields and compares themto other data on file.

The collection and analysis of documents happens automatically through a custom branded portal, eliminating the need for you to spend time on data capture or the process of going back and forth to gather the correct information.

Mismatches between documents and customer information will be flagged for your attention.Incorrect documents are automatically rejected and the customer is guided on how to correct their mistake.

DocFox creates a seamless and responsive customer experience.

Identifying Bad Actors
Through In-depth Screening, Adverse Media Search And Risk Rating




Your customer database is screened daily against Domestic Prominent Influential Persons (DPIP)* and Foreign prominent public officials (FPPO)*, sanctions and criminal lists.DocFox also combs through billions of news articles searching for any negative content so you know who your customer is.

You can create different risk rating frameworks with unique revision periods for each customer type and line of business.

* previously known as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Prominent Influential Persons (PIP)

Audit Ready Always,
At The Touch Of A Button

Every action performed by the customer and your compliance team is tracked, logged, time & date stamped.

Each of these events can be supported with additional notes from the compliance team, giving deeper context and robustness for future reviews or audits.

Company branded reports can be generated for each customer at any stage of account opening or ongoing due diligence drilling down to the finest of details.


A white-labelled interface

A branded experience that is fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile so that your customer can submit their documents from anywhere.

Integrated reminders

Proactively manage and delegate tasks with time and event-triggered reminders, ensuring all ongoing due diligence is tracked and performed on time.

Configure every detail

Whether you are using our ready-to-go predefined templates or prefer to customise every detail, DocFox can be configured for any size organisation.


Transparent & predictable pricing

Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. For more information get in touch.

Up & running in a day

We can get you running almost instantly. Once you are live our dedicated support team will be on standby to assist with any questions through chat or email support.

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